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St. Margaret's

Anglican Church, Taihape

Missions and Ministries

St Margaret's Anglican Church, Taihape

Overseas Missions
2020 is proving to be quite a fruitful and interesting year.
$1190 has already been donated and we are well on our way to our target of $1600.
Thank you for your support.

We now support the Anglican Church of Tanzania and also Miriam Tillman, who is a pharmacist at the Hospital of Hope in Mango, Northern Togo, Africa. Miriam is a partner of the New Zealand 
Church missionary Society. (NZCMS)

Both Missions projects are dealing with the COVID crisis in their countries and ask for you pray-ers during this difficult time.
Our New head of missions, Michael Hartfield is due to come to Taihape in the near future. Mi-chael is passionate about missions and the work they do out in the field. It is always great to hear what is happening, and always good too catch up with what is happening both at home and overseas.

We also have our Annual Dessert Evening to look forward to in November. Date and venue to be confirmed.
Once again, many thanks for support of missions.

Margaret Benson
Mission Motivator

Soup Ministry

Soup Lunch
St Margaret’s hosted a soup lunch on Sunday 26 July.
We wanted to provide a hot lunch for any-one in our community who was in need of a good meal during this uncertain season.
Our parish members were so generous of their provision of home made soup of all kinds, and generous too with their time.

Unfortunately we didn‘t attract anyone in need, but did enjoy the company of mem-bers from other churches, which was very special.

We hope to do this again at the end of August.
We want to be a blessing to members of our town, with no strings attached. Please feel free to invite friends & neighbours who you think would enjoy some company over lunch to our next soup luncheon.

Soup Ministry

Taihape Area School Breakfast Club

Taihape Anglican Parish invites you to be part of this community support programme, This is a wonderful social occasion for them and often youngsters have a second breakfast with their friends and have some bonding time with their school mates.

We believe this is a great thing to be doing for our community and if you would like to donate excess fruit off your trees, (this can be dropped off at St Margaret‘s Church on Sun-day morning or at reception at TAS school) or money for the wonderful organisers to get what they need, we have set up a way of getting this to them.
Some of our parishioners have opted to do a direct credit every month or just when they can afford it.

If you want to help and prefer to do so by internet bank our bank details are ―Taihape Anglican Parish 20-0760-0020047-00.

Please put your name and ―TAS ―as the reference and so that it is allocated to the correct account. We can even give tax receipts if you contact Lis with your details.
Many thanks for your generosity.

Fellowship Group

On the 2nd Thursday of every second month, there is a fellowship meeting which is open to everyone, not just the ladies.
So, if you are new to town and looking at a way of meeting new people, or been here for ever and looking for some great people to meet and have a coffee with, come along and join us.

Our July meeting was at the Café Telephonique, again a good turn out and some new faces. We had a great catch up after not being able to meet during lockdown.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, 10 September –
2pm at Café Telephonique.